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The dynamic duo, Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace, known best as the Professional WWE Wrestlers, The Bella Twins, make being smart, sassy, and sexy look easy. Born in San Diego, California on November 21, 1983, their parents didn't even know they were having twins! Brianna was the welcome surprise. From the start, both girls have surprised the world with their fun-loving personalities, immense physical abilities (and attributes) and hot-blooded charm; it’s the joy of being alike, yet being totally different from one another.

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Nikki Bella defeated Paige at Fastlane to retain the WWE Divas Championship, after Paige ends up going for the PTO but has trouble getting it locked in. Nikki finally breaks it and pulls Paige into the turnbuckle. Nikki rolls Paige up with a handful of tights for the win.

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S03E20 - New Divas Champion

On the season finale of Total Divas. After Nikki's Divas title win, The Bellas are given new contracts in which they must decide if they want to renew. Carrano asks if they’re really prepared to say that they might not be WWE Divas someday and Nikki says yes as the season comes to a close.

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  Total Divas Preview – John Cena Surprises Nikki With Designer Bag Worth Thousands

John Cena definitely loves Nikki Bella.

In the above clip from this Sunday’s Total Divas, the WWE Diva is doing her makeup when her boyfriend surprises her with a big box. But what on earth could be in it?

“Whoa, that thing is huge!” Nikki exclaims when John sets the box down. “Where is it from?”

The second Nikki opens the box, she can barely believe her eyes. It’s the $15,000 purse she wanted…and John bought it for her!

“John! Thank you!” Nikki exclaims before setting the bag down and covering her man in kisses. “Oh my god, I love it!

After countless kisses John is covered in pink lipstick, but he doesn’t seem to mind!

Watch the above clip to see Nikki’s full reaction to her gift from John and tune-in on Sunday to see what happens when Brie Bella finds out about the purse!

   Feb,21 2015
   Previews, Total Divas

  WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

As WWE races toward WrestleMania 31, no event before The Show of Shows holds as much intrigue or importance as WWE Fastlane, which airs live Sunday on WWE Network.

The fabric of WrestleMania’s WWE World Heavyweight Title main event will be determined when Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan joust for the top-contender spot. Also at WWE Fastlane, four titles will be defended, brothers will duke it out and three of WWE’s most popular Superstars will take aim at The Authority’s handpicked wrecking crew.

But who will win? Check out these WWE Fastlane predictions by WWE Hall of Fame announcer Howard Finkel, “The Voice of Extreme” Joey Styles and editors.

@JoeyStyles: What’s with The Bella Twins mocking Paige for her pale complexion? Almost all of the WWE locker room would look as opaque as Paige does if there wasn’t enough spray tan backstage to stock your local Maaco auto body shop. Regardless of petty insults and pranks, Paige was born to wrestle. What she had to endure in England just to start her journey to WWE makes whatever Nikki can do look tame by comparison. As long as Paige finds a way to avoid outside interference from Brie, I expect Paige to win her third Divas Championship. WINNER: Paige

@HowardFinkel: Since winning the Divas Championship, Nikki has basically had her way. From successfully defending her title to reconciling with Brie, Nikki has lived the dream. Paige has been on the threshold of Divas Championship glory on two prior occasions, though. They say three’s a charm, and I agree. Paige will avenge the embarrassments she’s suffered, and in the process, will win the Divas Championship for a third time! WINNER: Paige

Jeff Laboon: When Brie Bella quit WWE in summer 2014, Nikki Bella took the time apart from her sister to become one of the baddest Divas in WWE. Paige has accomplished much in her first year on the WWE roster, but it’ll take a lot to win the title from Nikki. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Mike Murphy: Paige has a hard reality to face: She is all alone and has no friends to help her out. Nikki will have Brie at ringside to bail her out of any trouble, which has proven to be a winning formula for the champion and, sadly, will again on Sunday. WINNER: Nikki Bella

John Clapp: The Bellas, though undeniably talented, are too preoccupied with cosmetic appeal, compared to the hard-knocks styling of Paige. Whereas Nikki seems overly concerned with poking fun at her competition, Paige appears wholly focused on proving herself to be the superior competitor. Not only will she succeed, but she’ll do so by making Nikki submit to the PTO. WINNER: Paige

Paige: 3, Nikki Bella: 2

   Feb,20 2015

  The Bellas Have No Fear – SmackDown Fallout – February 19th, 2015

Despite Paige’s victory, Nikki Bella is confident in the outcome of her title defense at Fastlane.


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   Feb,20 2015
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  Thursday Night Smackdown Results – February 19th, 2015


The Bella Twins are on commentary for the following match. Highlights are shown of the Bella Twins taking Paige’s ring gear on Raw.

Paige vs. Cameron

Paige with a hair toss to Cameron and then follows it up with a series of back elbows. Cameron cut her off and threw her into the corner. She nailed a splash and covered her for 2. Paige made her comeback and hit a series of clotheslines. Paige with a drop kick, a superkick and the PTO for the win.

Winner: Paige

Nikki Bella and Paige at a staredown after the match with Brie Bella holding her sister back.

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   Feb,20 2015
   Gallery Additions, Results, Smackdown, WWE.COM

  Thursday Night SmackDown Spoilers for February 19th, 2015

Want to know what Nikki & Brie are up to on Thursday Night SmackDown? Click below to find out.

The Bella Twins come out to a pop and join the announcers for commentary. Paige vs. Cameron is next. Paige wins by submission and trades trash talk with The Bellas.

   Feb,18 2015
   Smackdown, Spoilers

  Monday Night Raw Results – February 16th, 2015

Byron Saxton is backstage waiting to get a word with Paige. The Bella Twins come out of her locker room and they have Paige’s clothes. Paige comes out of her room in just a towel. Saxton tells her which way they went. Cameron walks up but basically tells Paige “girl, bye!” Paige turns and sees a group of Rosebuds. They start dancing and she grabs one of them for their costume. Back to commercial.

Summer Rae vs. Paige

Back from the break and Summer Rae is making her entrance. Paige’s music hits but she doesn’t come out and it stops. The music hits again and out she comes dressed a colorful tutu and stockings, attire she normally wouldn’t wear.

Summer talks trash and Paige takes control. Paige screams that this is her house and unloads on Summer. Paige sends Summer to the corner for back elbows to the head. Paige poses for a big pop and takes Summer to the apron for knees to the head. Paige screams and gets another pop. Paige brings it back in but Summer rolls her up out of nowhere. She gets a 1 count but Summer comes right back and nails a kick for a 2 count. Summer with a submission now. Paige comes back with several clotheslines and a dropkick. Paige drops Summer with another kick. Paige applies the PTO for the win.

Winner: Paige

After the match, The Bella Twins come out to the stage with Paige’s gear. WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella calls Paige a loser. Paige interrupts Nikki’s promo. Paige says she doesn’t need an outfit to make her look good like Nikki does. She just needs to win and at WWE Fastlane, she’s going to be wearing something even better – the Divas Title. Paige’s music hits and she taunts Nikki from the ring.

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   Feb,17 2015
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  The Bellas attend the 2015 ESPN Sports Science Newton Awards

Nikki and Brie Bella present the award for Best Application of Leverage at the ESPN Sports Science Newton Awards.


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   Feb,17 2015
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  Total Divas Recap – Season Three: Episode #16 (All Hail Brie Mode)

TD_316_Photo_15-1799902053.jpg TD_316_Photo_27-2926272906.jpg TD_316_Photo_38-667897178.jpg TD_316_Photo_46-2402743962.jpg

We’re at a live show and backstage, Mark Carrano gives the Divas a run-down of their various and sundry obligations moving forward. Paige asks about the real meaning of “Brie Mode” and Brie assures her that she has a legendary ability to party. Nicole says it ain’t all that, and indicates she doesn’t want to see things get out of hand.

Nattie talks on the phone with someone to see if her dad is doing okay with his court appearances and related matters, and she confides in Brie it’s clear that the situation is really wearing on her.

Nicole and Alicia make amends after their falling out and Alicia pours her heart out about how things ended with Wade. Kinda wonder if he broke up with her by saying, “Foxy… I’ve got some bad news for you…”

The Bellas hit the MTV Europe Music Awards and David Hasselhoff makes a joke about wanting to wrestle with the twins.

Brie and Nicole try to hold their own on a night out with Paige. Paige starts drinking and Nicole throws in the towel and heads up to her hotel room. After she leaves, Paige orders a big tray of shots and Brie gets thoroughly knackered. Paige is really stoked because she’s about to see Brie Mode in living color. They do a whole lot of drinking and they drunk the worms along with their tequila. They drunk-dial Nikki from the back their ride, and she’s not amused.

The next morning Nikki worries about Brie not returning, as they both were suppose to train together and she looks around their hotel room for her, and ends up finding her sleeping in a room alone with help from the owners of the hotel, she tries to wake Brie up and check up on her after her big night out with Paige, but it seems like Brie is still in bed and when Nikki wakes her up, Brie pukes all over the place, including all over Nikki’s chest,  it turns out she wasn’t happy about it.

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   Feb,16 2015
   Gallery Additions, Total Divas, WWE.COM

  Total Divas Preview – Brie Bella and Paige Drink Worms

Uh-oh, looks like Brie Bella is bringing Brie Mode to Europe!

In the above clip from this Sunday’s brand new Total Divas, the ladies are on a European tour when WWE Diva Paige convinces Brie to join her for a night out on the town. Paige has heard all about her fellow Diva’s infamous “Brie Mode” but wants to see it to believe it!

The two Divas hit up a local bar and Brie immediately inquires about several bottles behind the bar that have worms in them.

“Give me a worm,” Paige instructs the bartender, which shocks Brie.

“You’re taking care of me tonight!” Brie exclaims before lifting her glass for a toast.

Despite the fact that she promised her sister Nikki Bella that she would call it a night after one drink, it’s pretty clear that Brie isn’t ready to go home anytime soon!

Watch the above clip to see her go into European-style Brie Mode and tune in on Sunday to see where the night takes them…

   Feb,14 2015
   Previews, Total Divas

  Thursday Night Smackdown Results – February 12th, 2015


Paige vs. Summer Rae

Nikki and Brie are on commentary for this one. The girls lock up to start things off, Paige takes control early on and sensually crawls over Summer Rae. In the corner Paige hits some impressive elbows on Summer and screams. She puts her through the middle rope and hangs her there so Paige can hit some heavy knees. Summer Rae takes control with a quick punch and then locks Paige in a Figure Four-like submission.

Paige reverses it into a pin but only a 2 count. Paige hits a series of clotheslines on Rae, and a big drop kick. Paige hits a superkick on Summer and then locks in the PTO. Summer Rae taps out.

Winner: Paige

After the match Paige and The Bella Twins are seen taunting each other.

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   Feb,13 2015
   Gallery Additions, Results, Smackdown, WWE.COM