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The dynamic duo, Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace, known best as the Professional WWE Wrestlers, The Bella Twins, make being smart, sassy, and sexy look easy. Born in San Diego, California on November 21, 1983, their parents didn't even know they were having twins! Brianna was the welcome surprise. From the start, both girls have surprised the world with their fun-loving personalities, immense physical abilities (and attributes) and hot-blooded charm; it’s the joy of being alike, yet being totally different from one another.

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Nikki Bella def. AJ Lee at TLC to retain the Divas Championship, after a distraction by Brie Bella which cause her to booted from the arena by the referee, Nikki uses the distraction to spray something in AJ’s face. Nikki connects with a big forearm, and the shoulders AJ for the rack attack. Nikki goes for the pin, and gets the three count.

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S03E10 - The Divas Are Taking Over

Brie goes behind Nikki's back and confronts John, leading to explosive consequences. Meanwhile, the truth about Nattie's marriage is revealed to the Divas.

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  Monday Night Raw Results – November 10th, 2014


We see Nikki ordering Brie around and she tells Brie to do to AJ everything she wants to do to Nikki.

Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee

They lock up and Brie with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. AJ with a back elbow and she gets a near fall. AJ with a side head lock but Brie with an elbow. Brie with a running knee to the head and she gets a near fall. Brie slams AJ’s head into the mat. Brie sends AJ into the turnbuckles and she kicks AJ.

Brie tries for a slam but AJ counters into a DDT. AJ runs into an elbow and Brie goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick. Brie runs into knees from AJ and AJ with the Black Widow and AJ taps out.

Winner: AJ Lee

As soon as the bell rings, Nikki runs in and attacks AJ from behind, sending AJ and Brie to the mat. Nikki calls Brie a loser and hits AJ with the Rack Attack. Nikki grabs the Divas Title and stands over AJ with it. She yanks Brie to her feet and orders her out of the ring.

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   Nov,11 2014
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  Lady Bella wants her tea – November 10th, 2014


Nikki Bella continues to make life very unflattering for her sister Brie.

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   Nov,11 2014
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  Survivor Series Preview: Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella has already proven to be the more cutthroat Bella Twin, but at Survivor Series, she’ll be out to prove she’s the top competitor in the Divas division when she takes on WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee.

Nikki earned the match after winning a No. 1 Contender’s Halloween Costume Battle Royal on the Oct. 31 edition of SmackDown. Dressed as a black cat, Nikki turned out to be bad luck for the other Diva contenders, as well as her own sister. Brie, still acting as Nikki’s personal assistant as a result of her loss at Hell in a Cell, was ordered to leave the building on an errand for her twin, causing her to miss the No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal altogether.

The tense relationship with Brie has even given Nikki — a former Divas Champion in her own right — an advantage when it comes to mind games. After beating Emma on the Nov. 3 Raw, Nikki ordered her assistant to slap AJ in the face. The Divas Champion responded by knocking down Brie, but she was unable to catch Nikki, who was halfway up the aisle by the time AJ got into the ring.

Arguably the most dominant Diva of the modern era, AJ seemed impressed by Nikki’s Battle Royal victory on SmackDown, but she was downright incensed after the blatant act of disrespect on Raw. As she’s demonstrated in the past, The Black Widow often takes an interest in her opposition before trapping her victim in her web. Will she similarly lull Nikki into a state of overconfidence ahead of Survivor Series? Or will a Rack Attack displace the Divas Title from around AJ’s waist?

Watch Survivor Series live on WWE Network and pay-per-view Sunday, Nov. 23, starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

   Nov,10 2014
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  Appearance – MTV EMA’s 2014

458698406.jpg 458718970.jpg 458698416.jpg 458719000.jpg

458697782.jpg 458710550.jpg 458718806.jpg 458711196.jpg

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   Nov,10 2014

  Friday Night Smackdown Results – November 7th, 2014

WWE_Friday_Night_Smackdown_HDTV_2014-11-07_720p_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_003308571.jpg WWE_Friday_Night_Smackdown_HDTV_2014-11-07_720p_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_003314575.jpg WWE_Friday_Night_Smackdown_HDTV_2014-11-07_720p_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_003321707.jpg WWE_Friday_Night_Smackdown_HDTV_2014-11-07_720p_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_003330678.jpg

AJ Lee talks to Renee Young about Nikki Bella harassing her sister, then Brie walks over and tries to apologize. AJ says she knows Nikki is pulling the strings, then Nikki runs in and hits AJ from behind. Brie looks concerned, but Nikki yells at her and tells her to look more sincere next time.

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   Nov,09 2014
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  Nikki & Brie Bella to appear on MTV Europe Music Awards

WWE Divas The Bella Twins will serve as presenters at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards, one of the biggest music events of the year, emanating from the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, this Sunday night. The event, airing in 155 countries, will be hosted by pop sensation Nicki Minaj, who will also perform.

The “Total Divas” stars join superstar DJ and producer Afrojack, international supermodel Jourdan Dunn, guitar legend Slash and David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff as presenters on what’s sure to be a must-see show, featuring performances by Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, U2, Charli XCX and more!

Don’t miss The Bella Twins taking part in all of the glitz and glam of the 2014 MTV EMA Sunday night at 9 p.m. CET on MTV Networks. Check your local listings!

   Nov,09 2014
   Bella News, WWE.COM

  Monday Night Raw Results – November 3rd, 2014


Renee Young is in the interview area with Brie Bella. Renee asks Brie how she is doing as Nikki’s assistant. Nikki tells Brie she is not allowed to do anything unless she lets her. The interview is over. Nikki says that no one cares about what Brie has to say. Nikki tells Brie to go.

Renee is about to send it to ringside and Erick Rowan is next to Renee. Erick plays with Renee’s hair and tells her ‘pretty’. Renee says thank you and leaves.

Nikki Bella vs Emma

They lock up and Nikki sends Emma to the mat. Nikki with a shoulder tackle. Emma with a forearm but Nikki with a spinebuster for a near fall. Nikki with a slam to Emma and she gets a near fall. Nikki with a knee in the back as she stretches Emma. Emma with elbows and clotheslines. Emma with a cross body but Nikki with an Irish whip. Emma sends Nikki into the turnbuckles and Emma with the DilEmma.

Emma marches but her attempt at the cross body into the corner is met with a drop kick. Nikki with Shock Treatment for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Nikki has Brie come into the ring to raise her arm in victory. Nikki tells Brie something and Brie moves towards the announce table, but not as fast as Nikki wants her to.

AJ gets up from her seat at the announce table and Brie slaps AJ. AJ knocks Brie down and then she goes after Nikki but Nikki gets out of the ring

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   Nov,04 2014
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  Nikki is purr-fect – SmackDown Fallout – October 31st, 2014

Nikki emerges from the Battle Royal as the No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship.


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   Nov,01 2014
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  Diva Focus: Halloween Divas

03_NIKKI_10282014jg_0004-4191538002.jpg 15_NIKKI_10282014jg_0002-2086238522.jpg 03_NIKKI_10282014jg_0004-4191538002.jpg 15_NIKKI_10282014jg_0002-2086238522.jpg

Amazon queens, clowns and cat women? Must be Halloween. See what the Divas dressed up as in this gallery.

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   Nov,01 2014
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  Friday Night Smackdown Results – October 31st, 2014

SD_793_Photo_003-1724876082.jpg SD_793_Photo_010-3873301961.jpg SD_793_Photo_019-2667666797.jpg SD_793_Photo_021-3136784028.jpg

Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal (Winner Earns Divas Title Shot)

Everybody fights and Rosa goes right outside, then Summer Rae gets sent out as Nattie stomps Paige and Emma applies an Emma Lock. Cameron ends up throwing her over the ropes, then Paige and Layla do some tricks (Layla is a mime/clown) before Paige kicks her and whips her outside. Nattie throws Cameron through the ropes and sends Naomi right out after her, then Paige kicks Nikki as Nattie gets thrown on the apron. Alicia kicks her outside and she immediately runs at Paige, and eliminates her with a tackle, but inadvertently eliminates herself too.

Winner: Nikki Bella

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   Nov,01 2014
   Gallery Additions, Results, Smackdown, WWE.COM