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The dynamic duo, Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace, known best as the Professional WWE Wrestlers, The Bella Twins, make being smart, sassy, and sexy look easy. Born in San Diego, California on November 21, 1983, their parents didn't even know they were having twins! Brianna was the welcome surprise. From the start, both girls have surprised the world with their fun-loving personalities, immense physical abilities (and attributes) and hot-blooded charm; it’s the joy of being alike, yet being totally different from one another.

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Nikki Bella def. AJ Lee at TLC to retain the Divas Championship, after a distraction by Brie Bella which cause her to booted from the arena by the referee, Nikki uses the distraction to spray something in AJ’s face. Nikki connects with a big forearm, and the shoulders AJ for the rack attack. Nikki goes for the pin, and gets the three count.

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S03E13 - Twin Leaks

Nikki and John buttheads over who is more athletic in three events, and things get intense after Nikki loses the competition. Eva also has a health problem, and turns to Brie and Nikki for advice.

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  Daniel Bryan wants Total Divas spin-off with Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan wants to star in a ‘Total Divas’ spin-off show with his wife Brie Bella that is about ”helping people”.

The WWE Superstar regularly appears in the E! reality series which stars his spouse and he’s up for appearing in a separate programme which focuses on their life together as a couple as long as it’s not just about drama and partying like ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ because that would be boring to him.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Daniel said: ”I would be up for our own show but the circumstances would have to be a little bit different. I don’t want all the drama in my life, which is what you get from those shows. What I would really like is a reality TV show which was about helping people, something that would be good for the planet and would help people. Otherwise it’s a show which is like, ‘Hey, here’s these people partying!’ ‘Total Divas’ isn’t that. For instance I was very proud of Brie when she did something on factory farming which was a really good thing to highlight.”

Daniel also wants his fans and Brie’s to see that they don’t live an extravagant lifestyle and that you don’t to own lots of possessions to be happy, which is the message spread by stars like Kim Kardashian West and her family.

He added: ”I think, ‘OK, we’re kind of mild celebrities.’ But just because we’re celebrities we don’t live a big lifestyle. One of the things that’s really overplayed in our society is that people look at the superstars living these extravagant lifestyles on TV and the message to you, the viewer at home, is that this is the lifestyle you should be pursuing. I don’t think that’s the case at all.

”Simplicity makes us happy, and I think the more that you show people that and the more you show it to them as an option, the better it is.

”We don’t want a big house, a big house is wasteful. You don’t need lots of stuff, having loads of stuff is wasteful. If you can give more of yourself to your community and to the people around you that’s a lot more meaningful to your life.”


   Jan,24 2015
   Interviews/Blogs, Total Divas

  The Bellas play “WWE Immortals”

Nikki and Brie Bella test their might and play the new mobile fighting game “WWE Immortals.”


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   Jan,23 2015
   Gallery Additions, WWE on Youtube

  Thursday Night Smackdown Results – January 22nd, 2015

Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella) vs. Naomi

Paige and Natalya are on commentary for this match. Brie tried to roll up Naomi right off the bat, but only got 2. Naomi caught her with a kick to the face, but when she goes to the apron and attempted a kick, Brie threw her off the apron.

Back in the ring, Naomi Naomi made her comeback, but Brie cut her off with a face buster for the win. After the match, The Bellas and Paige and Nalya had a staredown after the match.

Winner: Brie Bella

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   Jan,23 2015
   Gallery Additions, Results, Smackdown, WWE.COM

  Nikki Bella Battles John Cena in the Cage: Total Divas Bonus Clip: January 18th, 2015

The wrestling couple goes head-to-head in the batting cages. Find out who knocked the battle out of the park and who dropped the ball on “Total Divas.”


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   Jan,22 2015
   Gallery Additions, Total Divas, Video

  Diva Focus Photoshoot: Rumble-Ready Divas

It’s rare for a Diva to enter the Royal Rumble Match, but that doesn’t mean the women of WWE can’t throw down at a moment’s notice.

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   Jan,22 2015
   Gallery Additions, Photoshoots, WWE.COM

  Thursday Night SmackDown Spoilers for January 22nd, 2015

Want to know what Nikki & Brie are up to on Thursday Night SmackDown? Click below to find out.

Brie Bella defeated Naomi in a short match. Nikki Bella was at ringside while Paige and Natalya were on commentary.

   Jan,21 2015
   Smackdown, Spoilers

  Monday Night Raw Results – January 19th, 2015

Alicia Fox & Summer Rae vs. Paige and Natalya

The Bellas are at announce table together. The rest of the Divas are there and ready for the match to start.

Paige on Summer Rae. Nattie tags in, they are a bit confused, then double team Summer Rae. Drop kick to a sitting Summer Rae’s chest. Paige tags in, and they double delayed vertical on Summer Rae. Paige climbs up on Summer Rae, then on her with head butts. Nattie tags in and on Summer Rae. Summer Rae telegraphs, is kicked. Nattie with a cheap on Fox, but then eats a spin kick for two.

Fox tags in, all over Nattie, then a northern lights on Nattie for two.

Nattie slammed to the mat, but Nattie moves and Fox eats mat. Paige tags in with short clotheslines on Fox, then a SICK single foot drop kick on Fox off the ropes. Super kick to Fox, but Summer Rae breaks the count.

Summer Rae tossed out hard by Nattie. Nattie pushes Fox into a sick kick from Paige. Paige locks Fox into her finishing submission. Fox taps out.

Winners: Paige & Natalya

Nattie and Paige over to taunt the Bellas. Bellas stand, arms around each other, Nikki holding the strap high. We have a stare down between Paige and Natalya and the Bellas since they will be in a tag match at the Royal Rumble.

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   Jan,20 2015
   Gallery Additions, Raw, Results, WWE.COM

  Royal Rumble Preview: Paige & Natalya vs. The Bella Twins

Paige says she doesn’t need any friends in the cutthroat world of Divas competition, but if she hopes to emerge victorious at Royal Rumble, she will have to put her trust in Natalya when the two dynamic Divas team to take on a common enemy: The Bella Twins.

Though their relationship has had its share of ups and downs recently (thanks in no small part to the meddlesome ways of Natalya’s husband, Tyson Kidd, who caused Paige a pivotal loss last week), The Diva of Tomorrow and The Queen of Harts seem to be united in one thing: their disdain for Divas Champion Nikki and twin sister Brie.

Since the start of 2015, Paige and Natalya have each managed to upend Nikki in non-title singles matches. In each case, their wins were partly enabled by the presence of the other at ringside. Paige neutralized Brie at ringside on the Jan. 5 edition of Raw, paving the way for Natalya to pin Nikki. The following night on Main Event, The Diva of Tomorrow scored a victory of her own over Nikki when Natalya stopped an interfering Brie.

Things hit a snag the following week when Kidd accompanied Natalya to ringside for a bout between Paige and Brie and stepped onto the ring apron, distracting Paige and causing her to lose. Afterward, the enraged raven-haired Diva insisted she didn’t need friends and called Kidd an “idiot,” but nonetheless aided Natalya in beating Nikki on SmackDown days later.

Will Paige and Natalya manage to get along when they stand across the ring from the fearless Divas Champion and her equally strategic twin sister at Royal Rumble? Will Kidd, who has seemingly taken an interest in Nikki Bella, wearing her hat and necklace, poke his nose into his wife’s business, and if so, what will that mean for The Diva of Tomorrow? And now that they’ve been identified as a common target, how will Nikki & Brie Bella react inside the ring?

Find out when four of the Divas division’s top athletes square off at Royal Rumble this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, live on WWE Network.

   Jan,20 2015
   PPV, Previews, WWE.COM

  Total Divas Recap – Season Three: Episode #13 (Twin Leaks)


This week’s show begins with a look at Brie and Summer Rae in the ring as group of Divas watches tape of the match.

John Cena and Nikki hit the gym and John joshes Nikki, saying she’s not very strong and then he chucks an empty barbell weight at her in good fun. We discover that they’re very competitive and that they tease each other a lot. They’re going to have some kind of contest officiated by John’s best friend.

In the next scene, Nikki is hanging out with Natalya and Naomi. Nikki clues her pals in on her contest with John and they just don’t see the point.

John and Nikki talk smack in the car as they drive to a go-cart track. Cena dresses up in a racing suit and helmet for their race. He crashes into Nikki to put her out of the race and grabs the win for this round. Those crazy kids!

After another break, Nikki and John go to Goofy Golf. Cena dresses in golf togs and spikes. He beats her on the course and then they go to the batting cages and Nikki fares poorly again. The same thing happens in skee-ball. Turns out John is a really bad sport, too.

For some reason, John and Nikki decide to end their competition with a game of beer bong. She almost has him beaten but then he kicks out at two. Okay, that last part didn’t actually happen. John catches up and ends up beating her, so she pours the last cup on him. Turns out Nikki’s better than John at one thing … and that’s being a bad sport.

Commercials roll and then we’re back with Nikki and John. These are troubled times in the kingdom. Nikki is really upset with John and he says it was all in good fun. But he does apologize and that counts for something. Probably. At least they make up at the end of it. Nikki admits that she has major issues.

Nikki, Brie and Eva Marie get together over dinner and serious girl talk ensues. Nikki makes some crude jokes about having sex with John. Then Eva Marie spills the beans about her implants. Nikki is a little freaked out because apparently she has implants, too. Both Bellas tell Eva that she needs to take care of the problem for the sake of her health as well as for the safety of those who she’s in the ring with. This time, Eva Marie gets it.

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   Jan,19 2015
   Gallery Additions, Total Divas, WWE.COM

  Exclusive Total Divas Preview Clip: Nikki Bella Throws Beer in John Cena’s Face

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

In this clip from Sunday’s all-new Total Divas, it’s a battle to see who’s the best. WWE Nikki Bella faces off against her boyfriend, WWE Superstar John Cena in the final round of their competition!

“We are doing our final event,” Nikki reveals to the camera. “We’re here at our house, we’re doing beer pong and I’m excited about this event,” she continued, “I’m ready to bring it to John.”

But when John shows up dressed as a preppy fraternity boy, all bets are off. And when the game begins, his obnoxious attitude starts to get on Nikki’s last nerve!

The final straw occurs when John beats Nikki at her favorite game, and she is not happy about it. To make it worse, John rubs his victory in, and that’s when Nikki blows her lid and tosses her remaining beer in John’s face!
Watch the above clip to see the full beer pong match and tune in Sunday to find out if Nikki and John will be able to work things out!

   Jan,17 2015
   Total Divas, Video